Mister Pétel if You’re Lucky.

The internet has given birth to some of the greatest names in pop culture. I am fascinated with these natural iStars. They are unaltered inventors. They are raw. There are no PR machines driving traffic to their websites, they don’t have interviews with Interview magazine – they are simply artists enjoying their craft. Pavel Pétel shines bright amongst this class of iStars, especially given the geographic location he resides. Pavel is a performance artist that leaves little to the imagination, but has you questioning reality and societal norms.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of viewing Pavel’s artistic eye candy, I suggest you Google him. After many months of cyberstalking and purchasing some of his merch, I had the pleasure of interviewing Mister Pétel. Enjoy getting to know this creative creature known to us as Pavel Pétel.

Pavel PételFavorite color?

Age you lost your virginity?

Favorite musician or band?

Whey or casein protein?
A mix of both

Hot or cold?

Top or bottom?

Vanilla or chocolate?

Early morning or late night?
Late night

Boxers, briefs or freeball?

Madonna or Lady Gaga?
Pavel Petel

How is Mr. Petel today? What is the state of Russia like since your interview with thebackbuilding.com where you stated “People threaten me, sometimes they attack”?
Our world consist of many different kinds of universes. It’s hard for me to explain to you what I feel and what’s inside of me, because you will understand it from the point of view of your own universe.

I often see online feminist women who struggle for the rights so that they will be able to bare their breasts on Instagram, and meanwhile my photos even in underwear are blocked for erotic content. Instagram and YouTube are overwhelmed with naked butts of men and women, but those people have money, and thus, they have protection. Nobody will ever delete naked KIM’s butt, even if thousands of people will report it as nudity.

This is a double standard and it is in everything. I stopped believing in fairy tales of this world a long time ago. Deception in pop culture led show business to loosing its creative energetics.

Considering the situation in Russia, I have decided to change my style so that I could be secure. In Russia, people are living very good, and they love me, but you must conform to their mentality so that you are able to make money here and to be legal.              

I wasn’t in United States and Europe. Maybe things in Russia are going much better than in your Western countries? I was refused a visa to England where I agreed to do the show for free and two times I was refused in visa for performing in Europe. Embassies want lots of money for performance visas and unfortunately I am an artist that nobody is really interested in there. Probably in the United States and Europe there are many problems with violation of humans rights.

I suppose my positive art is the best weapon that is able to make this world much better. Just be aware of me when I come to you (United States), I’ll put everything in order there …… hahaha

What is your relationship with the Scissor Sisters? How did you cats connect?
Before their performance in Russia Scissor Sisters wrote to me and invited me for their show – I came and so we got to know each other. That’s kind of it.

Do you plan on visiting or touring the U.S. anytime in the near future?
That depends if the U.S. will have me.

Have you ever thought about marrying someone in the U.S. to be come a U.S. citizen?
No. I am an object of the modern art. In any country where art is very well developed I am welcomed without any fake marriages. People have not understood yet that where I live there is real celebration and a center of fashion, of art and fun.

My inner energy is growing, and everything around me is transforming and flourishing more and more. I’m not in the States yet… but I will come one day and put everything in order there. Haha!

What are you currently working on?
I quit NAKED DJ and PETELSHOW projects. Now I work as a comedy artist. I am filmed for a few Russian TV Shows and my project #ЯБОГАЧКА is very popular in Russia. Also have a blog about lifestyle and sports for Russian people.

#ЯБОГАЧКА –  is a project that mocks material world of a rich girl . This girl is smart, beautiful, stylish, fashionable, but she believes in power of money and dreams to become happy. Pavel Petel doesn’t have money, but he is rich artistically and spiritually and feels happy.

Courtesy of Pavel Petel’s Instagram

What is your number one goal right now?
My goal is to be happy and help to those who are weak. I help to homeless pets and elder people as much as I can. I know that I can give to the world more than it is ready to receive. Thus I materialize my artsy energy through my imagination.

Somewhere in the Universe my ideas and thoughts are materialized in full and I am happy.

In your interview with thebackbuilding.com you stated, “I will censor and change my style… I want to become more famous.” In a utopian world would you continue to cross-dress and pose naked in public for the sake of art?
And aren’t you interested what I think about so called show business stars? I am as much concerned about the opinion in a utopian world as my own concern about the utopian world.                     

I know that there are many uneducated people in the world and they might not be able to understand my show. My originality is not really understood by all, because there is nothing out there that is similar to what I do. But years after, people have taken my ideas and make money from them. I am ok with that. I have many great ideas still to come! I know that my style years after, becomes a trend and a mainstream. I am influencing pop culture and the fashion industry as no one else does. I have changed the world and destroyed gender divisions between people. Today I am the king of pop-art and the best Entertainer in the world. That’s all. Hahaha!

Petel poses in front of Chanel as a Christmas Tree

Petel poses in front of Chanel as a Christmas Tree

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I am sure that I will continue influencing all kinds of art and expanding my consciousness, to be happy without depending on demands of our social Matrix.

How can fans support you? Do you have merch for sale? Donation page?
My e-mail address is shown everywhere. If some one wanted to help he would do it long ago already.  

Some time ago I wrote on Tumblr direct request to help, but not a cent was sent to my account. Now I have almost quit posting anything there. I am concentrating more on videos and my YOUTUBE channel.

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