Who put you in charge of the LGBTQ+ Community?

Hey, “Life Coach,” Get A Life.

I’ve definitely had moments where I have to stop myself from posting self-righteous selfies and take some time to actually read. Shouldn’t we all?

guys, guys, it’s ok, i can travel to miami, florida to do a photoshoot, but you really shouldn’t travel anywhere outside of your home state.

Do you even read beyond the headlines, or are you in the same line of thought with news outlets – grab attention with a fearful headline in the hopes of more followers? Pedaling fear to your followers is not the answer, and attacking ain’t it either, Life Coach. BTW, how many years have you been “life coaching” anyways? Is it wise for anyone to take coaching advice from a person who tells others to stay put during a pandemic but goes ahead and does the exact opposite? Listen, I get it, you probably jumped on a private jet with whatever white, ivy league wannabe school attending, non-qualifying U.S. Olympic swim team, silver-spooned privilege you were given at birth, and expect the rest of us to stay put. At the same time, you parade around in Miami, Florida, posing for photos in the warm waters during pandemic golden hour?

By the way, your trip to Zion National Park during the pandemic, was that ok? Or just ok because it was you wearing a buff that has now been proven to be less effective than wearing nothing at all.

You talk online about bullying but then you online bully to gain attention from others. Do you really believe what you are saying, or are you just saying it to increase your followers? I have a hard time trusting anything you type on your new iPhone 12 max pro in Gold. Don’t worry; its new wide-angle lens will capture all the faux lighting and staged props to make yourself look picture perfect.

no BP, no. our bodies look amazing even in bad lighting. so stop telling us to have body positivity just days after you tell us shitty lighting makes us look shitty.

Also, speaking of picture-perfect and posing for the camera – for someone who claims to have studied Poly Sci while also being a model, wouldn’t you read a modeling contract first? Posing and later reading a deal is the total wrong order of operations. Any professional model knows they should read and sign a contract before posing to make sure they are paid in full for all those photos that you’ve spent way too much time talking about in an IG post about. You could have taken the time you spent complaining about not being paid and used it to read the contract that outlined the clause on payment and rights of usage, or maybe, asking for an actual contract?! That’s pretty much modeling 101, “Get the money first.” – Annette Atkins

I’m just curious, other than books you pose with on IG about yourself becoming a better person, what are you reading?

If you namaste and don’t Instagram or Tik Tok about it, did it really happen? For someone who promotes peace and tranquility, you sure go out of your way to promote cancel culture. It seems you have an online Instagram strategy of first attacking people/organizations you deem terrible. Second, asking groups with large followings to help you cancel said ‘bad guy’. And finally, benefit from the attention garnered all so your account has the chance to increase followers. The game is tired.

Please take your small influencer contracts from box store parfum brands and move along. In the meantime, I’ll be sitting with Kermy enjoying a nice mug of fair trade organic peppermint tea.