This Is Not ¢hanel - NFC clothing - Womxn Scoop Neck

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Adult size medium womxn scoop neck - Shirt for a more slim body / femme-identifying

Original piece. There ain't nothing else like it. This is the only one. This is a pre-owned garment with new designs printed on top. No returns, so don't bother. Like it or leave it. I don't care what you got at Gap Inc.

This piece is a part of a series that tells a complete story. Your piece is one part of that story. It will be named after you upon purchase. You can scan your shirt on the lower-left hologram to take you to your story. Full instructions will be delivered with the piece.

10% of the profit of every purchase goes to the Unique Women's Collation -


More About The UWC:
Unique Woman’s Coalition (UWC) is dedicated to being a collective voice centering the narratives and needs of the black trans culture. We're committed to fostering the next generation of black trans leadership from within the community through mentorship, scholarship, and community care engagement work.

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