fleshy, icey, jack.

No other toy company has quite taken off like Fleshlight in the last decade. With over 4 million of these suckers sold it’s hard not to admit that this toy’s got some game.

Today I’m going to talk alittle about the ICEJack, which is basically just one flavor of the gay side from Fleshlight.

So what makes an ICEJack an ICEjack? Well for starters Fleshlight has a patented “Reel Feel Superskin” technology, if you will, that simulates the feeling of a human’s flesh. Although they claim that “some say it’s even better than the real thing,” I find it hard to believe any toy is better than the real thing, unless of course your partner absolutely hates sexual intercourse. At any rate this rubbery make- believe is probably the best on the market right now.


fleshy, icey, flesh jack sex toyThe other great advantage of this solo pleasuring toy is the ease of clean up. Both ends of the device screw off leaving you the ability to remove the FleshJack sleeve and clean every tiny crevis. I highly recommend toy cleaners that most brick and morter adult stores carry. This will not only sanitize your toy, but will usually keep it from breaking down.

I give this toy a most definite 5 out of 5 stars due to the ease of cleaning, cost and portability. Kudos Fleshlight on a great product!